Is that 80's Hairdo still haunting you???
When was the last time you updated your professional portrait?

While image is not everything in life, it can be in business. Those that move with the times always make sure they look the part!

Take the time to check when you last had your Professional Portrait taken. If it is looking a bit iffy, now is the time to freshen up your look! Wondering if it needs updating? Just show it your significant other or your best buddy – do it right now – what did they say? Yep, thought so.

Here’s how to get your Portrait freshened up:

  1. Check your look. How do you want to be perceived?  Choose an outfit that best represents the image you want to portray AND - more importantly – suits you.  Again ask the people in your life who you know will be unreserved with their opinion.
  2. Call us to book a time to have your photo taken at our studio – it only takes 15 minutes!
  3. We’ll send you high resolution images (for printing) and low resolution images (for LinkedIn) via an online transfer.

It is that Easy!

The cost for this service is only $140.  If you have other staff that need to update their photo, you can book them in for the same session for just $40 each!  Don’t have time to come to us?  We can come to you! Just ask us for details on this service.

Click Here to enquire about our services.  We will call you to discuss your needs and see how we can help!