Photo Hendriks is WA’s second longest serving Photography Company. Since 1954 we have been leading the way in technology and product development. We constantly adapt ourselves to the changing needs of Families and Organisations.

Our Mission is to serve you in all of your photography needs. We want to work with you to take photos that suit what you need and produce contemporary products that you will love.

Why?  Because photos are so important, now more than ever. This is demonstrated by people taking photos all the time, everywhere, with phones, cameras, web cams and other devices. Photos remind us of who we are and they take us back to defining moments in our life and remind us where we have come from.

However it is so rare that we take the time to have a professional photo taken. Our services are specifically designed to provide you with high quality photography services at reasonable prices.

Our Vision is to capture memories and have them preserved for generations to come and we are honoured that you are considering our services.

We are here to help, so if you have any queries please just give us a call.

The photograph you see here was taken outside 145 Oxford Street, Leederville in 1951. The couple on the scooter are John and Tini Hendriks, the Founders who first opened Photo Hendriks in 1954.