Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Photo Hendriks products and prices can vary without notice. If you are not sure at the time of ordering please contact us to confirm details. Some schools may also request variances to the advertised product and therefore confirmation of the package content can be confirmed if you wish by contacting us directly.

Photo Hendriks adheres to the below listed policy on photo editing and related topics. We encourage parents or guardians to contact us directly if you wish to discuss your child’s requirements.

We will aim at all times to produce a pleasing school portrait, which reflects an accurate point in time of that child’s life. We will aim at all times to produce only those types of photographs and photographic services that will enhance the prestige of the profession and play a part in raising the general standard of school photography in Australia.

  • Definition of Airbrushing: We define the term “airbrushed / airbrushing” to describe glamour styled photographs in which a person’s imperfections have been removed, or in which their attributes have been altered extensively or enhanced and / or retouched / manipulated to look like or take the appearance of a glamour model.
  • We do NOT endorse the use of airbrushing as an image enhancing technique in relation to children’s school portraits.
  • Definition of Blemish Removal / Retouching: We define the term “Blemish Removal or Retouching” as the removal of any temporary marks that are not a reflection of what the child looks like on a normal day-to-day basis. Examples are as follows: Cold sores, bruises, scabs, and any other similar temporary marks.
  • We endorse the use of blemish removal and retouching techniques apon a request from the parents / guardians of the child, providing we take the approach of whether the child’s final photograph will reflect an accurate portrayal of the year of that child’s life and not the small amount of days of that year that any temporary marks might appear. Therefore, if there are cold sores, bruises, scabs or any other temporary marks on the child’s portrait, that do not reflect an accurate portrayal of the child, in the year of the portrait in which it was taken, you may remove any agreed temporary marks with the parents/guardians permission.
  • We discourage the word “Airbrushing” and endeavour that the words “Temporary Mark/s” are included in any question description of the removal of any temporary marks on their order forms. An example of what to ask, is as follows: Would you like your child’s cold sore, bruise, scab, temporary mark removed from their individual portrait?
  • We do not endorse blemish removal / retouching without the parent / guardians permission.
  • We do not endorse blemish removal and retouching techniques on permanent blemishes of a child such as permanent scars or permanent acne.

Payment Options

Payment methods accepted by Photo Hendriks vary from school to school and is decided in consultation with each school. Our methods of payment are cash, Visa or MasterCard, most other well recognised corporate cards plus Apple Pay, Google Pay and in some instances direct payment via our online secure payment platform managed by Stripe.com. We recommend that you research your payment options at the checkout step before making payment to ensure the best payment method suits your needs.

In all cases payment must be received before the product is ordered and dispatched.

For schools accepting online orders your payments are handled by Stripe who is our payment partner. Their security credentials are available on their websites. Our online shop also has secure pay via our agreements with the website managers.

Online orders for family photos must be placed before 4.30pm the day before photo day, NO families will be photographed if an order has not been received by this time. This applies to ONLINE payment Schools only.

Online payments incur a 2% Administration and Handling fee.

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Returns, refunds and exchanges

Photo Hendriks offer a 100% money back refund on all our products. All refunds will be paid within 14 days of receipt.

We do not offer exchanges under any circumstances. Due to the unique product that is produced at your request these products can not be reused or on sold therefore we recommend that you order your product wisely.

No refunds are given on digital products that are emailed out.

Refunds on all returns are conditional on the products being returned. Once products are received at our office, a refund will be issued within 14 days.

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Shipping & delivery

Photo Hendriks, ship all our products using Australia Post and a professional freight company.

We can not be held responsible for their delivery policies or disruptions. We will endeavour to help track down lost or stolen products with these suppliers but ultimately they need to be held responsible for their own actions.

If your order has been placed in bulk with the entire school and was received on the day of photos we will deliver the finished product within 4 working weeks from final approval of the school at proofing stage unless otherwise arranged with the school in question.

Reasons for not meeting this delivery schedule can vary depending on a variety of reasons therefore we suggest that you contact us directly to enquire why the 4 week delivery schedule was not met.

If you are placing an order via our second chance system or as a reorder we ask that you allow 4 weeks for this order to be completed and sent to you. This extra time is needed to allow for a separate ordering process, in many cases though you will receive your order well before this time. Once again though if you experience a delayed delivery please contact us directly so we can assist or offer an explanation.

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Photo Hendriks strongly believes in producing a quality product and where ever possible will use professional paper.


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