COVID-19 and Photo Hendriks School Photos

The world-wide pandemic is touching us all; during these tough times community, family and its importance is highlighted no more than now as we face this together. Sharing photos with loved ones is a simple way to stay in touch when we can’t be there in person. When received at the other end by our family & friends it brings real joy and reminds us about the values that are dearest to our heart: our kids.

If you have placed an order online for photos already and your school has postponed the scheduled photo date, there is no need to worry. Your order and payment will be safely held by our secure payment gateway until when the NEW photo day is next scheduled. There is no need to contact us for a refund. We recommend you contact your school to find out the new school photo date.

Photo day depending on when it’s scheduled may look different to how it normally would; we are in unchartered waters. We will be discussing your school’s options directly with them and working towards the COVID-19 compliant photo day where all social distancing, hygiene and protective measures for your children are strictly adhered to in line with government requirements, advice, and directions.

Be assured that Photo Hendriks is practising and adhering to all the Federal and State governments health advice including social distancing, staff ratios with the square metre rule within the office, surface cleans and staff personal hygiene with hand sanitiser stations and hygienic wipes at their disposal. Staff understand that they must not report to work if they are not 100% healthy including their extended families at home. All measures are being taken to protect our work force, suppliers, and our customers.

Stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for supporting Photo Hendriks, especially in these difficult times.

Regards business owners and all staff.