Whole School Photos are a great way to commemorate your Schools' Anniversary - whether it be the 1st or the 100th!

Whole School Photos are a unique event as they happen so rarely, if ever. Having them taken regularly will create a historic record that will last for generations and become an integral part of your schools history. At Photo Hendriks, we offer a variety of Whole School Photography options and make it easy to organize and purchase.

There were over 1100 people on the PC110 photo that you see above. We worked with the school to have the students out of class for only 1 hour!

The 1400 plus people in the Trinity College and St Stephen's School photos were photographed one at a time on a Hollywood Green Screen. We then 'created' the group later using our proprietary method. This means that each person was only with the photographer for 30 seconds! How easy is that!

Below is a video of the Perth College 110th Anniversary Photo that Photo Hendriks captured.

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Perth College celebrated its 110-year anniversary with an aerial photograph on Friday 28 September, featuring all students from Kindergarten to Year 12, plus staff, standing on the oval to spell out PC 110. It was an exciting way to end St Michael's Day, with the girls enjoying the traditional sticky bun treat and a soft drink before moving into formation.